Who Has More Fans BTS Or Exo?

Clearly BTS has more popularity on the platform, which could indicate their wider appeal.

The trend continues on YouTube, where EXO has 6 million subscribers to their channel and BTS has just under 34 million.

That’s a huge margin that is mimicked in the number of views their videos have received..

When Exo first debuted, they were a mega mega hit from the beginning of their debut. On the other hand, BTS were basically nothing when they debuted, many even said that BTS is probably gonna disband after 1 year after debut lol. This also has a lot to do with the fact that Exo is from SM(possibly the biggest ent.

Is BTS losing popularity?

Originally Answered: Is BTS going to lose popularity soon? Most likely no. There are a lot of big fans of the K-Pop group and last year it showed some data that it was dying down a bit, but it looks like they’re still up and running.

Who is more talented in BTS?

It’s one thing being trained for years to have and discover a specific talent and another to be born with it and as much as ALL the members are now very talented in their respective fields in the group,I’ll be honest and say that the most talented members are Kim Namjun (RM) and Min Yunki (Suga).

Who got kicked out of BTS?

JiminBTS revealed Jimin was almost kicked out the day before debut. BTS held an epic and fun-filled comeback showcase to promote Love Yourself: Her. During the showcase, a special video showed the BTS members sharing their stories of how they joined BTS.

Who is king of KPop?

BTS singer Jimin crowned King Choice’s ‘The King of Kpop’ for the second consecutive year with whopping votes.

Who is from rich family in BTS?

Is Jin from a rich family? As per reports, Jin’s father is a very famous CEO and his family is considered among the wealthy clans in Korea. Kim has an older brother, Kim Seok-jung. Kim Seok-jung runs a business with Jin and is the CEO of the restaurant called Ossu Seiromushi which has two branches.

Is Jungkook a billionaire?

His net worth sits at $20 million. Jungkook also shares producing credits on some of BTS’s music. Songs he’s helped produce include “Love is Not Over” and “Magic Shop.” Like other members, Jungkook has also appeared on several South Korean TV shows, like Flower Crew and Celebrity Bromance.

It depends. EXO is literally South Korea’s national boy group. Their music is known by pretty much everyone in SK; they’ll top the charts and win the shows no matter who they’re up against. However, EXO, although also quite popular internationally, pales in comparison to BTS’ international fanbase.

Who is the richest member of BTS?

JinRecently, Jin has released two solo songs (Tonight and Abyss). He already has opened a Japanese restaurant in Korea with his brother. His apartment in Seoul has a value of $1.9 million. If you took the family net worth into consideration, Jin would rank at the top as the richest BTS member.

Who is richest in exo?

Who is the Richest member of EXO? … The group as a whole is estimated to be worth $1 billion and plays a huge role in SM Entertainment’s overall valuation. … Suho pretty much made it clear on Radio Star that Baekyun was the richest EXO member. … Baekhyun Estimated Net Worth: $15 Million.More items…•Mar 11, 2021

Who is richer BTS or EXO 2021?

However, speaking of that, let’s check who is the richest! According to media reports, BTS has over 450 million dollars of net worth, whereas EXO’s 1billion dollars.

Who is the king of KPop 2020?

BTS JiminBTS Jimin Crowned ” The King Of Kpop 2020″ – YouTube.

Who has more fans in KPop?

Lisa tops the list with 46.1 million followers. Jennie comes in second place with 39.2 million, and Rosé and Jisoo aren’t far behind, tied with 35.5 million at the time of writing.

Which KPop group has most fans?

BTSBTS. BTS is undoubtedly the most popular kpop group of all time. The group of seven members has taken ARMYS, their fandom, on an amazing journey through their music.

Who is richest member in Blackpink?

LisaLisa (Lalisa Manoban) Lisa is clearly the richest member of BLACKPINK and most non-Kpop fans might not know she is not Korean. She was born in Thailand and her family might be the richest of the group as her stepfather is a renowned master chef for multiple luxury hotels around the world.

BTS has 33.1 million followers and has received more than 560 million likes while Blackpink has 22.7 million followers and has garnered 179.3 million likes. Overall, BTS has more followers across all platforms which makes them — in terms of social media presence — more popular than Blackpink.

Why did BTS not disband?

BTS’s decision of disbandment in 2018 He said that the members were facing immense stress and detachment from support systems. Jin could not attend a funeral of a family member because he was touring and had concerts. V (aka Kim Taehyung) also had a similar experience.

Who is better BTS or exo in terms of everything?

Bts is inferior to Exo. Exo has more votes in better songs, vocalist, and in awards. In all, Exo is better than Bts.

Who has best voice in BTS?

JungkookIn Bts, technically speaking, Jungkook has the best voice.

Why is BTS banned in China?

There were calls to boycott South Korean boy band BTS in China last year over comments a member made about the Korean War. In a speech, band leader RM had mentioned South Korea’s shared “history of pain” with the US over the 1950-53 conflict, in which the two countries fought together.

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